The Guardian newspaper's "Cash for Questions" story marked a turning point in the fortunes of the British Conservative Party.

When it hit London's newsstands in October 1994 it dominated the news agenda.  In October 1996 it raged again.  It reappeared the following January and again in March, stubbornly persisting in the run up to Labour's General Election landslide of 1 May 1997.  Since then it has resurfaced repeatedly.  

These pages show how The Guardian had not, as it claimed, exposed a story of "Tory sleaze", but had printed a concocted tale in an increasingly feverish effort to oust the Conservatives from power.  

This is a story of corruption and cover-up within the British Press.  The culprits thought that�ȥå� they had got away with it.  Now they hope they can rely on the British media to protect them for as long as this website is broadcast.  But this website will be here for years.  

In the following pages the guilty are named, the evidence condemning them is laid out, and the mechanism by which they duped the �ȥå� �Хå�British nation is exposed.  The truth cannot be buried forever.  So it's merely a question of time before the perpetrators are brought to book and the history books are rewritten. 

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