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This banner takes 2 minutes to run through . . .                Section Three of this website outlines some of the hard evidence proving that The Guardian conspired to pervert the course of two libel actions and the Parliamentary inquiry into its "cash for questions" allegations.            The perpetrators include: The Guardian's editor Alan Rusbridger; The Guardian's comment editor (and Rusbridger's brother-in-law) David Leigh; The Guardian's former editor Peter Preston; The Guardian's Westminster correspondent David Hencke; former Guardian reporter John Mullin; former Granada TV reporter Mark Hollingsworth; The Guardian's solicitor Geraldine Proudler; The Guardian's barrister Geoffrey Robertson QC; Mohamed 'Al' Fayed; Fayed's American lawyer Doug Marvin; Fayed's secretary Iris Bond; Fayed's former secretary Alison Bozek; and Fayed's doorman Philip Bromfield . . . .
Link to - the website that covers J B Hunt's High Court action against the British TV regulator The Independent Television Commission (ITC) - the website concerning J B Hunt's High Court action against the Independent Television Commission  (ITC)

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Help expose The Guardian's unscrupulous journalism and anti-democratic influence
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The Guardian's original 'cash for questions' article of 20 October 1994, accusing lobbyist Ian Greer of bribing MPs Tim Smith and Neil Hamilton.  When Greer and Hamilton sued for libel The Guardian colluded with Mohammed Al Fayed in a cover-up that duped the nation


This website proves that the British political controversy of the 1990s, the so-called 'cash for questions' affair, was an invention. 

The evidence within these pages shows that the most influential newspaper in British society, the liberal Guardian, had dreamt up the story in a bid to oust from power the Conservative Government of Prime Minister John Major.

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Introduction and guide to  Use this guide to prove, step by step, that The Guardian newspaper duped the British people into believing a false story

Website introduction
and guide

The British media's censorship of news of the Guardian's conspiracy; PLUS A warning to President George W. Bush and the American people

Section One:
The British media's censorship of Hunt & Keith-Hill's investigation

The true story of The Guardian's 'cash for questions' campaign against the Conservative government of John Major


This website does not promote conspiracy theory.  It promotes facts.  And the facts laid out within these pages demonstrate that The Guardian newspaper and its lawyers conspired in a conscienceless cover-up in league with the volatile owner of Harrods store, and father of Dodi, Mohamed Al Fayed.  

The Guardian had enacted its conspiracy to escape redress, when those whom the paper had accused as part of its political war against the Conservative Party sued the paper for libel to clear their names.  

That The Guardian succeeded in deceiving the British nation into believing evidence-less corruption allegations levelled against a Government Minister, hanging as they did on the word of a man whom The Guardian itself had castigated as a serial liar four years earlier, is testament to that newspaper's influence over the British media and, through the British media, British society itself. 

This website is the product of thousands of hours of research by two provincial English freelance journalists.  They had stumbled across the story entirely by accident.  When they uncovered evidence of The Guardian's conspiracy and requested interviews, the liberal Guardian remained silent, then threatened them, and then used its influence within the British media to destroy their journalistic careers with smears. 

This website is undoubtedly the first of its kind in the world.  It was constructed to overcome a news blackout enacted by the British media of the two freelances' investigation.  Confidence in their research and the evidence they uncovered, and a refusal to yield to the intimidation and the silence, were the driving forces behind its creation. 

As a case study in press corruption, political bias, and censorship within a modern free society, it serves as a warning of the dangers to democracy presented by a Guardian-driven, increasingly influential, British news media.

Section Two:
Cover-up at The Guardian

The evidence proving that The Guardian conspired with Mohamed Al Fayed and others to pervert the course of two libel actions and a major Parliamentary inquiry

Section Three:
The Guardian's liars and their lies

The means by which The Guardian succeeded in duping a democratic nation into accepting lies as the truth and condemning the truth as a lie

Section Four:
The Guardian's subversive influence within the British media

The untold true facts of former BBC reporter Martin Bell

Section Five:
Martin Bell:
The facts

The Web's principal resource for information about Mohamed Al Fayed

Section Six:
Mohamed 'Al' Fayed:
The facts

J B Hunt's book of his quest for the truth behind the 'cash for questions' affair

Section Seven:
Trial by Conspiracy

Another Guardian conspiracy exposed: How The Guardian acquired the Sunday newspaper The Observer though a covert smear campaign directed against The Observer's proprietor and journalists

Section Eight:
The Guardian's smearing of The Observer's editors and journalists

Section Nine:

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    The aim of this website is to bring to light how politically-motivated journalists lied

and used their influence within Britain's media to have an invented, provably false story

accepted as fact throughout the nation.

    If you care about truth, justice, and democracy, and would like to help bring about a

return to ethical journalism in Britain by publicising this website, you can make a 

donation by credit card. The process is secure and, if desired, anonymous.  

    After administration costs all receipts will go towards advertising and PR initiatives.


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